Behind the camera

  • Hello! I'm Angenise Rawls and I love DIY projects, iced coffee and a good belly laugh.  Although I'm native to Cincinnati, Ohio, I should have been born in the Caribbean where my parents are from since warm weather and strolls along the beach call to me.  At any given time, you may hear me talk in a West Indian accent or enjoying a native dish: curry chicken and rice.
  • I can't live without the Lord and play piano for my church.  Discovering that I knew how to play by ear at the age of 5 was an amazing moment for me.  Even though I've had some piano lessons, I still rely on the natural talent God gave me.
  • Favorite things to do: laugh and talk in foreign accents with my kids, quote lines from movies at any given time, write in calligraphy and scrapbooking
  • It didn't dawn on me how much my mother carrying around her Polaroid influenced me until I'd birthed my youngest son and ended up staying at home with him.  The more I learned through online classes and picking up my camera to capture as many memories as possible, the more I realized my calling to preserve my own family legacy as well as that of others.
  • My style is natural and classic.  I love natural light and finding just the right place for families and children to have portraits that allow their personalities to shine.
  • Favorite movies: The Imitation of Life, To Sir with Love, Night at the Museum and Around the World in 80 Days

Telling your story through fine art portraiture

Relax! Being passionate about capturing genuine joyful and carefree moments of love is what I do best!  Inheriting a knack for listening from my mama, it means a lot to me when I gain your trust.  I'm sure that's why I find myself being inspired by my clients.  Your story deserves to be told in a meaningful way while preserving precious memorable moments that become the fiber of your generation's heirloom. I've always been one to love details and believe in following my heart.   Whatever makes your family unique, from slow mornings to having a houseful of children and pets, it all deserves to be part of your story - even the flaws (relax, we all have them, right?).  The sweetness of these once in a lifetime moments is what makes us who we are.


From custom heirloom albums to wall art highlighting your loved ones, seeing the richness of your story unfold is what matters most. You can book your session or learn more by calling (513) 402-0856 or via email at hello@rawlsphotographydesign.com.